The late Bill Paxton remembered at the Oscars
Jennifer Aniston paid tribute to the actor who passed away last weekend

"Moonlight" takes surprise win at the Oscars
Best Picture mix-up leads to a confusing "La La Land" / "Moonlight" acceptance speech moment

"The Batman" gets new director, Nightwing gets solo movie
Batfleck's solo vehicle finds a new director while Batman's sidekick gets first standalone

Two new movies for Angelina Jolie
Done directing her Cambodian movie, the Hollywood star will go back to acting in new projects

"X-Men" producer to make directorial debut with seventh instalment
The long-time writer-producer of the franchise may be directing the new movie

ASEAN International film fest to attempt Guinness World Record
AIFFA returns for its third edition this May in the city of Kuching, Sarawak
Kong: Skull Island
Explorers discover an island that contains the most mysterious creatures, including King Kong.

Ghost In The Shell
Based on the popular manga series with the same name by Masamune Shirow.

The Lego Ninjago Movie
Six ninjas are tasked to defeat monsters and save their home, Ninjago, from an evil warlord in this Jackie Chan and Dave Franco starring movie.

Kung Fu Yoga
Chinese archeologist Jack teams up with two Indian professors to locate the lost Magadha treasure.

Power Rangers
A reboot of the famous '90s TV show, "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers".
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