Matt Damon lives a twisted life in "Suburbicon"

Nothing is what it seems in "Suburbicon". What seems like an idyllic neighbourhood – perfect for raising happy families – actually hides a dark secret. The eponymous suburb is where Gardner Lodge (Matt Damon) and his family live in peace. But when an African-American family moves into the all-white neighbourhood, the peace is soon disturbed. Written and directed by George Clooney, the crime comedy movie stars Damon as a mild-mannered family man, Julianne Moore as his wife (and also his mistress?), and even "X-Men's" Oscar Isaac as a charismatic insurance man. Scroll through the gallery below to see what's in store in "Suburbicon".

Matt Damon stars as Gardner Lodge in "Suburbicon".

Julianne Moore pulls double duty as twin characters Rose and Margaret.

Noah Jupe plays Nicky, Gardner's son.

The Lodge couple not looking too happy here.

Mrs. Mayers (Karimah Westbrook) trying to ignore the residents who are none too pleased
with the Mayers family's arrival in the all-white Suburbicon.

Nicky befriends his new African-American neighbour, Andy Mayers (Tony Espinosa).

Gardner having what seems like a heavy conversation with his son, Nicky.

Oscar Isaac suits up as insurance agent Bud Cooper.

Alex Hassell in character as Louis.

Glenn Fleshler plays a hitman named Ira Sloan.

There's something amiss here.

Cinema Online, 22 November 2017