Get to know who's who in "Jailbreak"

The "Jailbreak" cast is an interesting mix of talents: there's a Hollywood stuntman, a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, a Bokator expert – and even a prince! Directed by Italian filmmaker Jimmy Henderson, the adrenaline-charged movie, which has been popular on the international film festival circuit, is breaking onto the big screen in Malaysia on 2 November 2017. But before catching it in cinemas, let's get to know who's who in the action-packed "Jailbreak".

French-Cambodian actor Jean-Paul Ly, who is also a Hollywood stuntman, stars as Inspector Ly.

Tharoth Sam easily portrays a strong female character, also named Tharoth, not surprising
since she is a Bokator expert and an MMA fighter in real life.

Just like his same-name onscreen police persona, Dara Our is a master of the ancient martial art, Bokator.

Madame Butterfly is played by Celine Tran, an actress of French and Vietnamese descent.

Savin Phillip plays the character Playboy, who is basically the reason why the deadly
prison riot broke out in the first place.

Here's a prince who doesn't mind taking antagonistic roles for the silver screen, in the action movie
Siriwudd Sisowath, of the Cambodian royal house of Sisowath, plays the intimidating Bolo.

Dara Phang plays one of the police officers, Sucheat.

Tara Vy plays a prison officer called Vuthy.

Cinema Online, 11 October 2017