Sinister presence lurks in the spooky "Realms"

It starts off as a violent midday bank robbery in Bangkok, Thailand, perpetrated by Bobby Prospero and his drug-addict girlfriend, Jewel. They hold McQuade hostage, forcing him to become their getaway driver, until all three of them eventually end up taking refuge at a mysterious mansion in the woods. The criminals hold two more hostages when Leslie and Brooke also stumble upon the house after escaping from a severe car accident. Soon the five of them realise that something sinister is lurking inside the house. Catch a glimpse of the horror in the movie stills below before entering the spooky "Realms" in cinemas this 18 January.

Jewel and Bobby all armed for robbery.

Masked and ready for action.

Not the nicest way to ask someone for a ride, Bobby.

Jewel not playing nice either.

Bobby and Jewel taking refuge at a secluded mansion.

Leslie and Brooke are lost in the woods after escaping from a car accident.

The bathroom is just to the left but there might already be someone in the bathtub.

He doesn't mind that extra "someone" in the bathroom, it seems.

Swing your lamp a little to your right, there's a surprise waiting there.

"Does anybody else feel someone breathing down their neck?"

The moment when they realise there is evil in the house.

Looks like this mysterious red-cloaked figure practices a spookier kind of hospitality on its guests.

Cinema Online, 17 January 2018