Jackie Chan is Master in "The Mystery of the Dragon Seal"

"The Mystery of the Dragon Seal" (also goes by various titles such as "Viy 2: Journey to China" and "Journey to China: The Mystery of Iron Mask" in other territories) stars Jackie Chan as a character simply called Master. Known for his martial arts skills, it's safe to assume Chan will be showing off plenty of that through his role. While Chan did not act in the first movie, his Jackie Chan Stunt Team did assist with the stunts, so it's no mystery how the actor came to be part of the sequel. The Russian-Chinese fantasy adventure film is set in the 18th century, with Jason Flemyng reprising his role as cartographer Jonathan Green, who is this time embarking on a journey that takes him from England to China. Scroll below to see the adventure of "The Mystery of the Dragon Seal".

Jackie Chan in his role as Master.

Arnold Schwarzenegger joins the sequel as a moustached man named James Hook.

Master and Hook seem to be entangled in a very "chainy" tug-o-war.

Looks like Hook is winning.

Unlike the first movie, this time the story will feature more Eastern elements.

Plenty of Chinese elements to be exact.

Of course, since the journey begins from England, there will be quaint scenes like such.

Charles Dance dons the wig once again to play Lord Dudley in
"The Mystery of the Dragon Seal", follow the adventure in cinemas now!

Cinema Online, 14 January 2020

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