"Bulan Dan Pria Terhebat" stops screening in cinemas
Rumours of Daredevil joining "The cast and director of "Bulan Dan Pria Terhebat".
The cast and director of "Bulan Dan Pria Terhebat".

19 Mar – Local action comedy "Bulan Dan Pria Terhebat" is no longer screening in cinemas, following the issuance of the 14-Day Movement Control Order by the Malaysian government starting yesterday until this 31 March.

Cinemas nationwide have also temporarily ceased operations due to the widening spread of COVID-19 that has so far recorded a couple of deaths.

"In accordance with the order issued by the government to implement the Movement Control Order starting from 18 until 31 March nationwide.

"We would like to announce that the screening of "Bulan Dan Pria Terhebat" in cinemas nationwide has been stopped.

"We hope that Malaysians will stay calm and obey the Movement Control Order for the sake of their family, community and nation," Astro Shaw posted on Twitter.

Since its release on 12 March, the movie has received positive receptions and audiences praised the latest directorial effort of Ghaz Abu Bakar, who also previously helmed "Polis EVO".

"Bulan Dan Pria Terhebat" stars Zahirah MacWilson, Zizan Razak, Bell Ngasri, Alif Hadi, Sein Qudsi, Maya Karin, Khir Rahman and many more.

Cinema Online, 19 March 2020

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