"Minions" sequel won't rise to the big screen this summer
Your fans are just as dismayed as you are, Natasha.
Po ka (that's 'What' in Minions language)..."Minions: The Rise of Gru" is postponed too.

20 Mar - The latest to join the postponed list of Hollywood movies is Illumination's "Minions: Rise of Gru".

Though its original release date - either June or July 2020, depending on the territories - wouldn't have been affected by the current cinema closures, the problem now lies in its post-production process, which has to be halted at the moment.

"In response to the severity of the situation in France, we are temporarily closing our Illumination Mac Guff studio in Paris.

"With this decision, we are abiding by the French Government's guidelines and doing everything possible to slow the spread of the virus as we care for our artists and their families," said Illumination CEO Chris Meledandri in a statement, as per The Hollywood Reporter.

"This means we will be unable to finish "Missions: The Rise of Gru" in time for our planned global releases in late June and early July," he continued.

"While we all grapple with the enormity of this crisis, we must put the safety and protection of our employees above all. We look forward to finding a new release date for the return of Gru and the Minions."

The movie, which serves as the sequel to 2015's "Minions" and a spinoff of the "Despicable Me" movie series, follows 12-year-old Felonius Gru and his yellow pill-shaped henchmen during the 1970s.

Cinema Online, 20 March 2020

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