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Hantu Kapcai

When Ajib (Zizan Razak), a mat rempit, dies as a result of joining an illegal drag race, he becomes a spirit trapped between the world of the living and the dead. What he needs to do to move on is to settle his real world affairs with his family, something that is almost impossible when he is helpless to do anything. That is, until he realises that he can be seen by Ibrahim (Fizz Fairuz). Will Ajib be able to find peace and move on into the afterlife?

Language: Malay
Classification: 18
General Release Date: 27 Sep 2012
Genre: Comedy / Horror
Running Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Cast: Zizan Razak, Fizz Fairuz, Remy Ishak, Neelofa
Director: Ghaz Abu Bakar
Format: 35MM, 2D


Writer: Peter Chai

Writer Ratings:

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Reaching the competitive local movie industry with rich experiences in music video directing, Ghaz Abu Bakar begins his big screen directorial effort with the dark comedy "Hantu Kapcai", following a steady and tricky-minded man Ajib (Zizan Razak), who spends most of his time involved in illegal racing. Carrying a heavy family burden on his shoulders, he has to find a way to clear his debts and eventually chooses to race with his enemy, Tiger (Remy Ishak) for a huge amount of prize money. Unfortunately, his decision gets him killed in a set-up accident by Tiger and he becomes a ghost for 40 days. Ajib is confused with his existence as a ghost amongst human beings including his family and friends. But with the helping hand given by Islamic community leader-to-be Ibrahim (Fizz Fairuz), Ajib guides his younger brother Akim (Hairulazreen) to participate in another motorcycle race to take revenge on Tiger.

If you are counting the number of Zizan Razak appearances in movies, you would definitely need both sides of your hands as he makes another slightly less surprising yet entertaining and animated portrayal of a street-smart role in Ghaz's directorial debut. Playing a ghost along with his co-stars brings about a huge challenge for the comedian's patience in acting because nobody except Ibrahim acknowledges him throughout the movie as a ghost. Nevertheless, the Raja Lawak is still able to deliver a convincing performance as a 'mat rempit' and hilarious verbal expressions alongside another spontaneous actor Fizz Fairuz, see the duo do a satisfying job in telling Islamic themed jokes in the dialogue without offending Muslim audiences.

We have seen lots of fans tribute to the 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson since his death and most of them revolve around dancing and singing, whereas in this movie, it is interesting to see Ghaz paying his respect to the music legend's legacy by making Zizan's character Ajib, don the red and black-stripped "Thriller" jacket for his 'rempit' image in most of the scenes in "Hantu Kapcai".

The reviewer suggests audiences to pay more attention to the amusing plot but pay lesser attention to the CGI effects. The effects in the racing and accident scenes are not impressive at all and they appear to be a little cartoonish in terms of visual.

Some of you might view the presentation of the concept of this black humour piece as an act to beautify the subculture of illegal racing in our country and thus find it hard to swallow. Perhaps one can take the movie less seriously and look at it as a comedy movie with positive messages embedded by the filmmakers.

Although illegal racers have been a main target for the local traffic police force in reality and they are definitely a group of individuals that annoy us on the road, but in "Hantu Kapcai", they could make you laugh out loud every second in the cinema.

Cinema Online, 29 September 2012
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