Movie: KL Zombi
By Ashraf Nasser

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"KL Zombi", a film based on a novel written by Adib Zaini titled "Zombijaya", could be considered the first Malaysian zombie film to have make-up and special effects that are up-to-par with other international films.

Director of "Solon" (2005), Woo Ming Jin, is on a mission to make this film a new benchmark for the local film industry. In fact, Grand Brilliance has hired Ella Sandera, a special effects make-up artist who has worked on 20 horror films, to work on the zombies' makeup.

The story revolves around a group of five friends that have their own aspirations. However, all hell breaks loose as a dangerous infection starts spreading around Kuala Lumpur. Nipis (Zizan Razak) is now forced to risk life and limb to save himself and his friends.

If your first impression is that the film is boring and cliche, just ignore your instincts as they would turn out to be wrong. The set that was built looks like a city in state of disarray and abandoned, much like the hit television series "The Walking Dead" or the film "Zombieland."

"KL Zombi" also bets its success on a cast consisting of well renowned names in the local entertainment industry such as Izara Aishah, Siti Saleha, Zain Hamid, Faezah Elai, Iedil Putra, Azhan Rani and Zizan Razak.

The leading actor of the film, Zizan manages to play his character casually. Like his other films, viewers will be quite entertained with his acting and his twisted sense of humour.

As a whole, "KL Zombi" would be a treat to viewers and it will definitely not disappoint you.
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