KSL City

Date: Tue 02 Sep | Wed 03 Sep

Temporary Family
03:10PM    05:20PM    07:30PM   
09:50PM    12:00AM   
Gallows Hill
01:25PM    03:25PM    05:30PM   
07:40PM    09:45PM   
Café Waiting Love
11:00AM    11:40AM    01:30PM   
02:10PM    04:00PM    04:40PM   
06:30PM    07:10PM    09:00PM   
09:40PM    11:30PM    12:15AM   
11:10AM    11:30AM    01:20PM   
01:40PM    03:30PM    03:50PM   
05:40PM    06:00PM    07:50PM   
08:10PM    10:00PM    10:20PM   
12:10AM    12:30AM   
Hong Hoon
10:50AM    01:00PM   
The Expendables 3
10:40AM    11:45PM   
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
10:55AM    01:10PM    02:00PM   
03:25PM    04:10PM    05:45PM   
06:20PM    07:55PM    08:30PM   
10:10PM    12:20AM   
Into The Storm
11:50AM    10:40PM   
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